Kick Samples selection Vol.1

18 EDM Kicks in free download


Here you can find 18 awesome kick samples for any EDM genre.
This is a my personal collection, I selected one by one and I categorized using a prefix, in the name of the file, to indicate the tipology of kick.

Inside ZIP archive you'll find tight, low and punch kicks plus two extra kicks.

Here the complete list of samples:

balanced_Kick 01.wav
earthquake_Kick 02.wav
low_Kick 03.wav
low_Kick 04.wav
low_Kick 05.wav
low_Kick 06.wav
low_Kick 07.wav
punch_Kick 08.wav
punch_Kick 09.wav
punch_Kick 10.wav
punch_Kick 11.wav
punch_Kick 12.wav
tight_Kick 13.wav
tight_Kick 14.wav
tight_Kick 15.wav
tight_Kick 16.wav
tight_Kick 17.wav
tight_Kick 18.wav


Here the features:

  • Sample rate: 44.1 KHz
  • Resolution: 16 Bits
  • Stereo file

Download for free.

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