Brian Noys (real name Diego Milazzo) was born in 1980 in Catania, a shining city located between rural landscapes, at the foot of the majestic Etna volcano and beautiful golden sandy beaches with a warm climate for most of the year.

He's passionate about music since childhood, and immediately attracted, in particular, from electronic music, he experimented with samplers, synthesizers and sequencers, moving first steps in computer based music using trackers (raw form of samples player used for creating videogame soundtracks in the time of Amiga era).

After purchasing his first hardware sampler, an Yamaha RS7000, and making beats on it, now he is working on several DAWs with VSTs in combination with hardware gear.

He loves all kinds of music, from pop to more experimental and hard kind.

He followed several courses related to music, studing the basics of electric bass with Carmelo Siracusa of "Sugar Free" and a course in sound engineer to refine the techniques of audio mixing.

In 2010 he participated as a singer-songwriter to AreaSanremo with the pop single "Farfalle" and in 2013 he released the single "Take me on a dancefloor" on Bliss Corporation label, to which Caterina Grecuzzo has cooperated for the lyrics and Federica Sciuto on vocals.

While he dedicates himself to the composition of new tracks, since August 2014 he's also working on a new project that includes the development of a VST synthesizer, in C++ language, that he will use in my new musical composition.

He has excellent skills with the following software: Protools, Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Melodyne, and many others. Also he is an expert in music composition, mixing, mastering, sound design and audio editing.


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