YAMAHA RS7000 Samples Vol. 5 - Percussions (part I)

Free percussive sounds library!


After the success of the two first volumes of YAMAHA RS7000 samples, I release the part I of percussive sounds.
In the pack you find distinctive and unique sounds, classic ethnic instruments from around the World: congas, djembe, taiko, surdu, wistles for a samba athmosphere, claves for a salsa rhythm, an hypnotic australian didgeridoo and many other...


Key Name Key Name Key Name
E -1 PERC Digeridoo 3 Short   E 1 PERC Shekere 1 E 3 PERC Conga L
F -1 PERC Digeridoo 3 Long F 1 PERC Tabla Open F 3 PERC Timbale H
F# -1 PERC Gong 1 F# 1 PERC Maracas Analog 80  F# 3 PERC Timbale L
G -1 PERC Digeridoo 2 G 1 PERC Tabla Mute G 3 PERC Agogo H
G# -1 PERC Side Stick G# 1 PERC Shaker Analog G# 3 PERC Agogo L
A -1 PERC Digeridoo 1 A 1 PERC Tabla High A 3 PERC Cabasa
A# -1 PERC Sticks A# 1 PERC Cabasa A# 3 PERC Maracas
B -1 PERC Big Drum B 1 PERC Udu Low B 3 PERC Samba Whistle H
C 0 PERC Surdo Open C 2 PERC Udu High C 4 PERC Samba Whistle L
C# 0 PERC Castanet C# 2 PERC Finger Cymbal C# 4 PERC Guiro Short
D 0 PERC Surdo Mute D 2 PERC Udu Finger D 4 PERC Guiro Long
D# 0 PERC Hand Clap Large D# 2 PERC Berimbau 2 D# 4 PERC Claves
E 0 PERC Djembe Mute E 2 PERC Gong 2 E 4 PERC Wood Block H
F 0 PERC Djembe Open L F 2 PERC Berimbau 1 F 4 PERC Wood Block L
F# 0 PERC Triangle Mute F# 2 PERC Tambourine F# 4 PERC Cuica Mute
G 0 PERC Djembe Open H G 2 PERC Gong 3 G 4 PERC Cuica Open
G# 0 PERC Triangle Open Short  G# 2 PERC Cowbell G# 4 PERC Triangle Mute
A 0 PERC Djembe Edge A 2 PERC Wind Chime A 4 PERC Triangle Open
A# 0 PERC Triangle Open A# 2 PERC Vibraslap A# 4 PERC Shaker 1
B 0 PERC Taiko Drum B 2 PERC Finger Cymbal 2 B 4 PERC Jingle Bell
C 1 PERC Feet 1 C 3 PERC Bongo H C 5 PERC Bell Tree
C# 1 PERC Log Drum 2 C# 3 PERC Bongo L    
D 1 PERC Shekere 3 D 3 PERC Conga H Mute    
D# 1 PERC Shekere 2 D# 3 PERC Conga H Open    


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