YAMAHA RS7000 Samples Vol. 1 - Kicks

Free RS7000 samples for you!


YAMAHA RS7000 Integrated Sampling Sequencer

In 2001, Yamaha released the RS7000, a superb pattern-based sequencer, with high quality AWM2 subtractive synthesis with 62 notes polyphonic, a master section with 8 FXs, an integrated sampler with a resample function, etc.


I bought it as soon as it came out and I took immediately familiar with the machine that has a fast and intuitive workflow. Even today I use and I enjoy importing sounds, sampling beats that I have written and  I use them in my favorite software sequencer.


Today I wanna share with you the complete set of kicks that I sampled, in high quality, from this great piece of gear.
All the samples are recorded from the RS7000 directly through a Digidesing 001 and no post processing was applied except normalization.


These kicks are very good for every style of music, Yamaha has meticulously selected these sounds to have a big variety. In the pack you will not find a sample similar to each others. Every single kick is specific to a genre of music, they cover range from EDM to  hip hop, from drum and bass to more experimental styles. Also pop, funk, electro, etc...

All you need in term of kicks is here in the pack.


Samples Table:


Key Name Key Name Key Name
B -2 BD Electro B 0 BD Analog Loose B 2 BD Room 3
C -1 BD FX Gate C 1 BD Synth 1 C 3 BD Power Gate
C# -1 BD Hammer C# 1 BD Synth 2 C# 3 BD R&B 1
D -1 BD Analog Power D 1 BD Analog Distortion 1 D 3 BD R&B 2
D# -1 BD Analog Distortion 5 D# 1 Ripper D# 3 BD Lo-fi
E -1 BD Analog Distortion 6 E 1 BD Analog 70 L E 3 BD Hip Deep
F -1 BD Analog Distortion 4 F 1 BD Analog 70 F 3 BD Break Deep
F# -1 BD Analog Distortion 3 F# 1 BD Analog 80 F# 3 BD Break Heavy
G -1 BD Analog Distortion 2 G 1 BD Analog 80 Long G 3 BD Break Hard
G# -1 BD Analog Tight G# 1 BD Dry G# 3 Big Drum
A -1 BD Analog 94 A 1 BD Dry Hard A 3 Taiko Drum
A# -1 BD Analog Blip 2 A# 1 BD Room 1 A# 3 Surdo Open
B -1 BD Analog Rubber 2 B 1 BD Soft B 3 Feet 2
C 0 BD Analog 93 C 2 BD Room 2 C 4 BD Industrial
C# 0 BD Analog 90 C# 2 BD Break Lo-fi 2 C# 4 Door Slam
D 0 BD Analog 83 D 2 BD Break Lo-fi 1 D 4 Punch
D# 0 BD Analog 82 D# 2 BD & Hi-Hat Open D# 4 Heart
E 0 BD Analog 92 E 2 BD Jungle 2 E 4 Feet 1
F 0 BD Analog 91 F 2 BD Jungle 1 F 4 BD Human
F# 0 BD Analog Deep F# 2 BD Jungle 3 F# 4 BD Human Deep
G 0 BD Analog Hard 2 G 2 BD D&B 1 G 4 Vox Buh!
G# 0 BD Analog Hard 1 G# 2 BD D&B 2 G# 4 Vox Muh!
A 0 BD Analog Blip 1 A 2 BD RX5 1    
A# 0 BD Analog Rubber 1 A# 2 BD RX5 2    


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