I have more than 20 years of experience in music composition and audio engeneering.
These are the services I offer to you:

Music production

Music is an important aspect in many contexts, that gives atmosphere and credibility to a project.
How would a Sergio Leone film be without the soundtrack of Ennio Morriconi?
Every multimedia project is different and deserves the right sound and the most appropriate arrangement in order to maximize the emotional impact!
I can create original music for you, for your Android & iPhone apps, videogames, films, commercials, etc.

Sound FX designing

Explosions, laser beams, telephone ringing, footsteps...
Sound FXs creation envolves the sophisticate art of sound designing.
Modern synthesizers in combination with fx processors and sound editing and a good dose of experimentation are crucial for best results.

Mix & Master engeneering

Every single step in the creative process of a musical project is essential.
The "Mix" and then the "Master" are important in order to give a good balance in frequencies, clarity and cohesion to all elements of a track.
Making the song sounds wide, loud and full is the goal.
In addition, I can also make the vocals sing in tune!


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