Hertz (live)

Trance track live on Novation Circuit and Korg Electribe 2 Sampler


New live video: "Hertz"

Same setup as the previous song:

 - Novation Circuit

 - Korg Electribe 2 Sampler

 - Image-Line FL Studio 12 (for recording)


No post editing performed, just a limiter on the master.

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(Below the video, the transcription of the text that you find in the video.)




Video transcription:


Hertz (Hz) is a unit of frequency where frequency describes the number of times an event occurs in one second.

The unit of measure is named after the physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz who first conclusively proved the existence of electromagnetic waves.


In Music, a synthesizer is an electronic instrument capable of generating sounds.
One of its basic components is called "oscillator".

The oscillator frequency determines the pitch of the note.
For example, an oscillator with a frequency of 440 Hz produces the musical note "A" above the middle "C".


BPM stands for "Beat Per Minute".
Tipically used as either a measure of tempo in music or measure of one's heart rate.
One BPM is equal to 1/60 Hz.

"Resting adult human heart" is normally between 60 BPM and 100 BPM.
During a dance in a club a person can push this value up to 180-190 BPM doubling the resting rate.

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